Termite inspections and mold

Most homeowners have at least a yearly termite inspection. While this is something we all should have done, I have noticed a trend with these inspections. Many people call after a termite inspection because the inspector has told them the crawlspace is to damp or has mold.  While termite companies are certified in termite and pest control, they are not mold specialists. I believe the report of a wet crawlspace or a moldy crawlspace is an up sell by the termite company to get more work. Typically, they want you to install a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier and do some sort of Boric Acid treatment. Boric acid will remove termites but it is not an approved mold treatment. I have even heard some termite companies want to power wash the crawlspace! Who would want large amounts of moisture introduced into your crawlspace and the potenteial damage to your Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Typically, people are trying to get a second opinion when they call to even see if they need mold remediation.  For the prices I see quoted by the termite companies, you could  have the mold professionally treated by a certified company.  If you think you need a second opinion about moisture in your crawlspace, call RCS for a no- obligation quote.

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