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RCS is pleased to announce that, after trails, we are now using a new product that will safely remove minor mold from drywall without the need for drywall removal. In the past, if drywall had small amounts of mold, we always had to remove it to be safe. Now, the new product safely cleans and removes the mold down to the “root” leaving the drywall safe and mold free. You may not even have to paint after cleaning! RCS will continue to research new treatments to provide our customers with the best, most cost effective remediation treatments.

About Ben

Owner of the company. I have been in the indoor air qaulity bussiness for more than 13 years. I have preety much seen it all. I have worked small jobs for $200.00 with just myself to jobs over $1,000,000.00 with crews of 80 or more men.

Ben has written 14 awesome articles for us at Mold Remediation – Serving NC from Raleigh, NC

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