Crawlspace Mold Remediation and Home Sales

RCS has become the experts in crawlspace mold remediation. Over the years, RCS has developed strong ties with many established and new real estate agents. When a home is on the market, the buyers will want a home inspection before they buy a house. The home inspection that follows is were most people find out the may have mold in thier crawlspace. Over the years, RCS has obtained a reputation as the crawlspace guys. We can accesss the crawlspace and let you the customers know if there is a problem or not. If there is a mold problem, we will give a fair price for the remediation.

About Ben

Owner of the company. I have been in the indoor air qaulity bussiness for more than 13 years. I have preety much seen it all. I have worked small jobs for $200.00 with just myself to jobs over $1,000,000.00 with crews of 80 or more men.

Ben has written 14 awesome articles for us at Mold Remediation – Serving NC from Raleigh, NC

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