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Water Damage and Mold

The primary cause of mold in buildings is water damage. Water damage can be from a direct source such as a pipe break or from excess humidity. However, you do not have to fear any leak if it is dried properly and rapidly. It usually takes mold at least three days to develop after a water damage. If the wet building materials can be dried rapidly with professional fans and dehumidifiers, there should be no mold growth. But if the building materials are left wet, watch out for mold. If you have suffered a water damage and have contracted another company to dry the resulting damage bit feel unsure about the completeness of the drying job, RCS will be happy to come out and check the damage and verify the building materials are dry or show you where a problem may remain.

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Does insurance cover remediation?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “will my insurance cover this?” Under North Carolina homeonwers policies, insurance can reimburse or cover mold related damages for up to $5000.00 in a residential property and $10000.00 for a commercial property.

The key to the coverage is to identify the source of the mold.  Most insurance companies will not cover mold related to “constant or repeated seepage or long term water damage”

With over 15 years experience dealing with insurance companies, RCS can give you the best chance of having the mold damage covered.

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Mold: Why do I have it?

The most important part of a mold remediation is to discover why the mold is growing in the first place. The very word, remediation, means to remove or correct the problem.  Some other companies may come in and clean the mold. However, if they did not correct the problem, the  mold can grow right back in as little as 3-5 days.

As part of any job RCS agrees to, the process will not start until we have identified the source of the mold. We will not start a job, expect you to pay for services, and leave the job in a state where the mold could come right back. Call RCS for COMPLETE mold remediation services.

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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation. These words tend to scare people. The fact is , mold is a naturally occurring and part of all our lives. Who would want to live without cheese, bread, beer, and wine. When mold becomes a problem in the indoor environment, that is when you call in a professional remediation company.  The remediation does not have to be scary or cost prohibitive. If you think you have a problem, call us and we can help.

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