Experienced & Trustworthy

With over 15 years experience, few other companies have the knowledge that we do. RCS’s owner, Ben Perrou, was one of the first people in NC to be a certified mold remediator, and has been so ever since the certification process started in 2000. Ben has been an expert witness in dozens of trials, for both plaintiffs and defendants. Regardless of which side we’re on, we give honest, reasonable costs and plans for remediation.

Certified & Insured

All technicians are IICRC trained. The IICRC publishes the only ANSI approved Mold Remediation Standard. RCS staff have attended and been certified in a number of remediation classes including the IICRC AMRT (Advanced Microbial Remediation Technician). If you hire a firm that is not IICRC certified, you are exposing yourself to risk. AMRTs have the knowledge of the only ANSI approved Mold Remediation standard. Even the guidelines from EPA and OSHA are not ANSI approved; they are just guidelines and will not hold up if legal issues arise.

Not “Juice” Salesmen

RCS will not offer to sell you a product that is the latest, greatest thing for mold remediation. In fact, proper remediation can be accomplished without the need for harsh chemicals. If you remove the mold by adding other harmful chemicals, what have you accomplished?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a customer, you do not pay until the job is complete and cleared by an independent third party consultant. RCS will give you a list of names or hire your own consultant. We are confident that we will do the job and meet any clearance criteria.