Home Inspection Mold Remediation

At RCS, we understand the nature of the real estate market.  If mold is found in the home you’re buying or selling, we’ll work quickly to locate and resolve the problem.  We can usually schedule your inspection on the same or next day, and we prioritize residential remediations so you can close the deal.

On The Market

Most mold remediation quotes are the result of a home inspection, after a house is on the market. Home inspectors, as they should, try and find any potential problems with a house. The most common place mold is discovered is in the crawlspace, because few homeowners ever venture into the crawlspace and it could be years since anyone has inspected the crawlspace.

Discreet and Professional

We realize the last thing you want in your driveway is a huge banner on a vehicle advertising you have mold in your home, so all RCS trucks are unmarked. We make every effort to work quickly, explain the process and eliminate fear from the job.

Fairness To All Parties

RCS does not believe in inflated prices for a buyer to take advantage of the seller. RCS will work with both buyers and sellers to create a remediation plan to realistically provide remediation services. The cost to you is the same no matter if  you are selling or buying the house. We will not be dishonest in our work.