RCS offers a wide range of solutions, including water proofing, sealed crawlspaces, mold remediation, and a full line of environmental and microbial testing. With almost 25 years' experience, few companies have the knowledge we do.


Water Proofing

Prevent mold, rot, and structural movement caused by excess moisture.

Residential and commercial water proofing performed by RCS provides peace of mind and protection against moisture seepage into your home or business.  Our expert team of technicians will evaluate your specific needs and develop a plan to prevent excess moisture from entering your property. We use only ASTM-certified membranes and coatings, reducing the likelihood that your home or business will be impacted by mold, rot, or unwanted structural movement.

Sealed Crawlspaces

A properly sealed crawlspace saves energy, reduces moisture and mold in the home and helps keep bugs out.

Reduce Moisture & Mold

Excess moisture in the home can lead to a variety of problems including, but not limited to, mold, excessive condensation on ductwork and it can even act as a magnet for insects. A properly Sealed Crawlspace will reduce the moisture content in the home.

13% - 18% Energy Savings

Studies show that a sealed crawlspace is 13-18% more energy efficient than an unsealed crawlspace. Save your hard earned money, reduce your carbon footprint, and help your country save energy just by sealing your crawlspace. You could recoup your investment in a few years.

Get the Bugs Out

An unsealed crawlspace is a paradise for bugs. Common bugs in the crawlspace are camelback crickets, centipedes, spiders, and cockroaches. And if these bugs are under your feet, chances are they are also in the house.

Mold Remediation

With every mold remediation job, RCS commits to return the property to a contamination-free state and to correct the issue that caused the growth of mold.

Goals & Certifications

The primary goals of mold remediation and bacterial decontamination are:

  • to return the property to a state free of any abnormal contamination, and
  • to correct the issue that caused the growth of mold to begin with.

All RCS technicians are trained to follow the ANSI approved IICRCS520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation, because:

  • It is the ONLY approved standard, and
  • No other certification body will hold up in court.


Microbial Testing

Remediation and Consulting Service offers a full line of Microbial testing, including:

  • Airborne mold spore counts
  • surface samples
  • bacteria cultures, and more.

Additionally, RCS can inspect property for potential damage and prepare a report to outline the remediation services required.

Real Estate Mold Inspections

At RCS, we understand the nature of the real estate market.  If mold is found in the home you’re buying or selling, we’ll work quickly to locate and resolve the problem.  We can usually schedule your inspection on the same or next day, and we prioritize residential remediations so you can close the deal.

On the Market

Most mold remediation quotes are the result of a home inspection, after a house is on the market. Home inspectors, as they should, try and find any potential problems with a house. The most common place mold is discovered is in the crawlspace, because few homeowners ever venture into the crawlspace and it could be years since anyone has inspected the crawlspace.

Discreet and Professional

We realize the last thing you want in your driveway is a huge banner on a vehicle advertising you have mold in your home, so all RCS trucks are unmarked. We make every effort to work quickly, explain the process and eliminate fear from the job.

Fairness To All Parties

RCS does not believe in inflated prices for a buyer to take advantage of the seller. RCS will work with both buyers and sellers to create a remediation plan to realistically provide remediation services. The cost to you is the same no matter if  you are selling or buying the house. We will not be dishonest in our work.


Why RCS?

Experienced & Trustworthy

RCS’ owner, Ben Perrou, was one of the first people in NC to be a certified mold remediator, and has been so ever since the certification process began in 2000. Ben has been an expert witness in dozens of trials, for both plaintiffs and defendants. Regardless of which side we’re on, we give honest, reasonable costs and plans for remediation.


Certified & Insured

All RCS technicians are IICRC trained. The IICRC publishes the only ANSI approved Mold Remediation Standard. RCS staff have attended and been certified in a number of remediation classes including the IICRC AMRT (Advanced Microbial Remediation Technician). If you hire a firm that is not IICRC certified, you are exposing yourself if legal issues arise.


Not “Juice” Salesmen

RCS will not offer to sell you a product that is the latest, greatest thing for mold remediation. In fact, proper remediation can be accomplished without the need for harsh chemicals. If you remove the mold by adding other harmful chemicals, what have you accomplished?


Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a customer, you do not pay until the job is complete and cleared by an independent third party consultant. RCS will give you a list of names or hire your own consultant. We are confident that we will do the job and meet any clearance criteria.


Ben Perrou

Owner, Operator

About RCS

While RCS’ owner, Ben Perrou, was in college, Hurricane Fran rumbled through Raleigh and Eastern NC. If you could hold a hammer or haul debris, you had a job. He started working with a small Restoration firm and he found that he liked the work and so he decided to stay with it through college and after graduation. Working with larger and larger firms through-out his career, Ben ultimately decided to start his own business.

Through RCS, Ben is able to help clients in North Carolina with questions about water proofing, water damage, sealed crawlspaces and mold remediation. RCS specializes in identifying the cause of the damage, ways to correct it, and finding reasonable, cost effective solutions.


Insurance restoration, Property damage restoration, Water damage repairs and methodology, Mold Remediation and Consulting. Mold test interpretation, Damage assessment and causation, home improvements, residential construction.

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